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Today: Day 5, Doing my Nails

17 Aug

Monday today!

Back at work and raring to go, which means I’m limited to my evening today.

I’ve usually always done my nails on a Sunday, taking the day to paint them and style them a bit!

I’m going to use my Monday night to do them with a bit of sparkle…

nailsI’m going to have shorter nails than this, got to buff them down! But I’m sure I can get something similar…

I haven’t had blacknail polish in a while. So I hope my bottle at home is still ok.

I may do my tootsies as well!

I’ll post tomorrow about how they went 🙂


Today: Day 4, ‘E’ is for English Tea Party

16 Aug

Yesterday’s reading was a welcome change to my usual bed time routine, making me go to bed just a bit earlier to wind down, I think I ended up with a better nights sleep!

Except for the building alarm going off at like 6am…. ugh… You win some you lose some I guess!

Today was date day, every two weeks me and the hubby take it in turns to do a date that has somethign to do with a letter of the alphabet. My turn this week, and I had ‘E’.

I decided to do English Tea Party type theme…. bit hard as the hubs isn’t a fan of tea! But we made scones, and had cream and strawberry Jam!

The full link to the Mary Berry Recipe is here [Ok not the link itself… but the pin!]


Here are our ones:

IMG_0610 IMG_0608


Pretty good If I do say so myself!

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Now excuse me as I devour the rest of the clotted cream…. om nom nom…..

Today: 54km down

25 Mar

In terms of my #RunIntoOrbit year challenge that is 33.75 miles into it. 222-33.75= 188.25 miles to go!

Quite excited actually now because I have just finished my first full training plan, the aim? Simple really, run for 30 minutes.

I managed this at my second Park Run, 5km in 37 mins. Not a world record and nowhere near the 30 mins I wanted to actually run it in, but I didn’t stop. I just kept going! I hurt and was muddy and disgusting afterwards but I did it. That was my personal best!

What else in my world?

Well as you can probably tell, the blog hasn’t really been re organised. But I figured, as it is MY blog, I can talk about whatever rubbish I want. So, here is an update on well, things I give a little bit of crap about:

WORK – Going well. Love the job 🙂

GYM – started a new Army training program, starting at level 2 as level 1 ie effectively getting you to a point where you can run for 30 mins.. O look i’ve done that one!

WEIGHT/DIET – joined weight watchers. Let’s hope the motivation of paying for resources helps me out! Their website is a load of crap though, looks like one of those sites you get when you Google dodgy diets! but the resources are alright, it’s not designed for people who do real exercise, like say, cross training or exercise classes, or strength training. It truely is designed for older people who have done little exercise in their lifetime. I won’t get started on their mobile app. But it is making me think differently about what I eat! i seriously just got stuck at like the 80kg mark (those who see me won’t think this, I’m not a skinny runt but I’m not obese either) I just don’t know where it is sticking, but I have lost 1.5kg on Weight Watchers so far, So I guess that’s some progress?

F1 – Ah F1, so much has changed since testing! Due to recent events I can’t muster the strength and will power to discuss it at the moment. Again, like the past 4 years, I want Mark Webber to win the Drivers Title, I will put him down to win every race in my fantasy F1 team. Through torment and unfortunate Podium outburts. Unfortunately I am in a position where I can’t comment on anything unless I fancy having my head bitten off, called a hypocrite, or be accused of calling someone else a hypocrite (For the record now, I’m just glad that my lovely readers – who probably follow me on twitter – are as fed up of as I am, and hence we are looking forward to China!). O did you see Alonso go off? Made me chuckle. What made me chuckle more? This Tweet.

WEDDING – ahhh last but no means least! Still to sort most of the paying bits, and the car/rings/MotB presents and the DJ list but things are looking up! Sorted ourselves out with a highly recommended photographer (Chelsea Hopkins) and the invites are all well on their way out. I have a dress fitting in early June, as well as trial hair appointments and stufffff 🙂 It’s all coming together, all be it, I will be happier when we start paying for things and Charlie says he has got his groomsman stuff ready! Then after the wedding (I have no idea what will be happening on the night, would quite like my own bed!) it’s a 3 week wait till we jet off to Lanzarote on a 2 week all inclusive trip! There will even be mini golf. YES.

I think that is me done for now. I will be blogging about what I want in the future now! Which means I WANT A NICE FRIENDLY RACE IN CHINA TO TALK ABOUT obvs one with awesome racing though 🙂

Anyhoo, check out http://cinemail.wordpress.com/ in the near future for a different take on film reviews. [A little off topic I know, but then again this blog hasn’t exactly had a topic since 2008 when I started it.]

Talk about myself soon 🙂 TARRA!

Today: 11 More Sleeps

20 May

This is a countdown post, after 11 sleeps of not seeing my man Charlie, I will never have to have a sleep without him again. I really can’t wait. So what is going to happen in those 11 days? well…. here we go…

  • I will go to the gym 7 times
  • I will run 21 miles
  • I will go to work 9 times
  • I will travel to Reading once
  • I will try on wedding dresses
  • 78 laps will be completed on race day at Monaco
  • I will buy one more bus pass
  • I will post to tumblr
  • Twitter won’t know what hit it
  • I will moan that my feet hurt
  • I will cry at some TV show
  • 2 episodes of the Apprentice will air
  • I will do over 400 squats
  • I will have done over 500 sit ups
  • I will have been paid
  • Charlie will have sat his last 2 exams
  • My calorie consumption will be lower than the average bear
  • More than likely my weight will have remained stagnant
  • There will be a vast amount of Star Wars: The Old Republic played.
  • 4 more blog posts will have been uploaded.


Phew, what a list. I miss him. More than people probably know, It’s worse at the beginning of the week and does ‘get better’ ie, easier to deal with. These will be the most painfully slow days of my life. But the outcome is forever, I know it’s only 11 days, and I know he is only 100 miles away, but it’s still not next to me, so I can bury my head into him and snooze.

I will run it out. I WILL. I will run the full distances. Even it means pausing my workouts to stretch, I will do it. I am determined to be productive in this area in these 11 days.

11. Days. To. Go.

Today: Running for Glory

14 May

So today I managed a 2 mile run.



Proud? I certainly am. And it was after a stressful day at work, so i’m doubly thrilled!

Today was the first day of my planned eating. I have had everything I write down except for peas (I made too much cabbage) and my apple, but I may have my apple in a minute as I can feel my tummy rumbling! I’m pretty happy with how it went, especially since I only had those icky milkshake meal things for brekkie this morning!! I thought I would be gagging for food.

I may have to have some cheese and biscuits after the apple, even though it’s not in my meal plan till Thursday, purely because Nan has bought Stilton!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM…

I weighed myself this morning as well… currently I am 11stone 10lbs. and a Size 14. Trying to get down to a size 10 (Think Scarlett Johansson) before next year should be fine. But I would much prefer it to happen before then!! Time will tell I suppose…

Tomorrow is a 3 mile run, So will see how that evil one goes. will hopefully still be well up for it! Suffering a bit at the moment, but that’s cuz I then did 3 miles on the bike, then 1mile on the CT. a full 3-2-1 training day (500 cal cardio burn)!! Maybe I should come up with a new regime… hhmmmmm..

Tomorrow’s lunch is pasta, tinned tomato sauce and some cheese, with the dinner being a chicken salad. Just going to get the chicken outta the freezer I thinks! I really am quite excited for this week, 4 runs then the weekend with my baaby 🙂 Bring it on people.

And as my new idol on twitter (@SpikesandHeels) says – be pretty on rest days.

(or just during the day at work)


Today: Why won’t work’s willpower work

2 May
Nike+ iPod Modification Tutorial

Nike+ iPod Modification Tutorial (Photo credit: Mixmaster)

I have come to recently discover that having a bad day at work reflects on what happens at home. It’s all well and good “leaving work at the door” but it can be hard to let some things go.

We’ve recently hit a lull in work at work, which for me unfortunately means I have little to nothing to do, as I’ve yet to train up to do anything else.

I have a C# book now, and a C++ book to keep my thirst for knowledge up and running. But even today I was struggling to find any motivation (Motivation part 1) to even open the books.

I was awaiting confirmation of some work from another department (which took a week longer than they said) which finally got done at 2pm today, my motivation (Motivation part 2) to try was dead in the water.

I enjoy working hard, I enjoy doing my best, and when I can’t do that it’s like i’ve failed somehow.

So when the time ticked over to 4pm, I could leave. So I did. It was only when I left that i realised i had no motivation to got to the gym. I wanted to go home and eat crisps. LOTS. It’s only because people would see the blue bar on my Nike+ coach that I went for my run.

Far away from my goal of 33 mins for 3miles (just under 5km) I ran/walked it in 38mins 12seconds. Here is my Nike+ graph thingy..

3 miles

no points for seeing where i had to start walking.

I honestly feel like i’ve failed. And I think it stems from the lack of motivation I get from work. I get that I’m new but at some point I need to beable to find work for myself.

It’s a step in the right direction. I have another 8 or 9 3 mile runs to complete and hopefully I will get it down to the 33 mins. It also means my 2 mile time will improve as well… So I guess that’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

You all on twitter have helped alot, giving me advice and support, namely @kimifan @charliestyman and @_saki_chan! Thank you all so much.

Also… my friend @pooja_gohel signed up to twitter today. give her a follow, not sure if she has managed to turn e-mail notifications off yet so it would give me a good giggle at work to hear of the influx of followers

Next run is supposedly tomorrow, and is another 3 miler. However i have pretty intense arch pain in my right foot, so if that’s not good by tomorrow then the whole distance from mile 1 will be intervalled. Instead of running a full mile before intervalling.

Or if it hurts too much then I will walk. Then book an appointment with the doctor I think…. stupid Oversupination.

Today: Tweeting Twerps

7 Mar
Sir Isaac Newton

Image via Wikipedia

We all know there are idiots out there trolling, making silly comments etc. But there really are some narrow minded people around!

Today I responded to someone who’s twitter account is @godslandgodslaw.

Before I continue i just want to say that I have no problem with people who are religious. No matter what religion, I just hope that everyone is tolerable of everyone elses beliefs, infact before I go on AGAIN I know religious people who are scientists, who research – in their eyes – controversial ideas, to either prove/disprove or explain what they are seeing. Whether it be intelligent design or not.

Back to this person. If anyone has had a glance at this persons twitter feed you will gather that he is very conservative. To a point where I feel offended by most of what he says, I wouldn’t be so offended if he even considered others opinions, and then argued his point using evidence or his beliefs.

He doesn’t take anybodies opinion into account. The tweet that I responded to said:

 @GodsLandGodsLaw: The Atheists couldn’t answer any of my questions so they just resorted to insulting me! TYPICAL! #iwin #tcot”

So just for you Keith, I will respond to some of your tweets. I will even try and be reasonable to your narrow-minded beliefs.

Question 1:  “Hey Atheists answer me THIS one – If we evolved from monkeys how come not all of us are black? #tcot #gop #teaparty #p2 #gaytheists”

Answer: Keith, although it is common consensus that we evolved from ‘monkeys’ We actually evolved from Ape-like creatures. However if we did evolve from monkeys as you say, how come not all of us are black? Next time yuo go to the zoo, have a look at the skin colour of a monkey, that’s the flat stuff covering his body UNDER the BLACK fur, you’ll find it is light in colour. Infact I would have a look on Wikipedia or somewhere like that, as i’m sure they have a variety of skin colour as well, depending on where they live.

Question 2: “If we’ve been around for billions of years, how is our population only 6 billion? 3 new people are born every second! LOL”

Answer: Keith, I understand how you may be confused here, if you think that over the past one billion years. And there are 3 people born every second. If we think that the population has always been a constant size, and dies at the same age, we can also assume that after 50 years, 3 people will DIE every 3 seconds as well as get born. The fact is that medicine has greatly improved in this vast timescale, (one billion, Keith, is  a 1 with 9 zeros after it, that’s 3 with 16 zeros after it seconds), and in early times, more babies died than lived. So there was a small stable population. Then it grew as medicine increased its effectiveness, and the populations stabalized when contraception was brought about. [Science friends, I am aware this is a massive generalisation, but I am aiming at a wide audience].

Question 3: “@Wytchfinder_Gen The earth is 6000 years old. You should check out recorded human history for the facts not atheist propagandists! LOL”

Answer: Keith, due to the laws of gravitation, which were derived by Sir Isaac Newton, who was a great scholar of theology as well as science, and the rules of Kepler have predicted a much older age for the Earth to form than 6000 years….. For a load of stones to make our Solar System, it would take more like millions – billions of years. But I agree, Human history is only recorded to a few thousand years….

Question 4:Abusive marriages wouldn’t happen if sluts weren’t so eager to get a quickie marriage. Every1 must realize Marriage is for life.”

Answer: Marriage is for life I agree, but if anyone (a woman or a man) has to endure abuse of either a physical mental or sexual nature, then it isn’t a sanctity worth respecting.

I think that’s enough for now, But Keith if you have any more questions for us ‘liberals’ then I’m around to ask.

I believe in free speech, free opinion, freedom to believe, freedom to love. I have people that may disagree with me but respect my opinion. I hope everyone who reads this agrees that there are limits to everyone’s tolerance… This guy is mine.

Today: Seriously?

9 Sep

On twitter I follow alot of erm… random things.

Rugby, IOP,  lecturers, F1 stuff as well as friends. Yesterday one of them posted a link to This Telegraph article, a response to Stephen Hawkings’ declaration that there is no God, because he says so.

Although i thought his statement to be about a completely unproven theory and as arrogant and self absorbed as his personality dictates, the response by Baroness Greenfield was even more ‘out there’ than his original statement.

What bothered me most about his statement of there being evidence that there was no God and that science had proven the start of the universe through m-theory (a derivation/combination of different string theories) is that in simple terms, it hasn’t.

The fact that m-theory is a THEORY defines itself as ‘yet to have experimental proof’ which makes his statement – i feel – sickening. Giving science a bad name in an economic climate where science really isn’t regarded as high as it should be. (Thanks for the cuts Vince Cabel). He (SH) has put across that all scientists are either arrogant know-it-alls, OR they just aren’t as clever as he is and hence should have no input in….well….life.

Don’t get me wrong, he is a genius and even though i have little respect for him, i do have respect for what he did in his early research life.

However whatever bad press he has given science in the past 2 weeks, nothing can really compare to this quote in before mentioned article:

“Asked whether she was uncomfortable about scientists making comments about God, she said: “Yes I am. Of course they can make whatever comments they like but when they assume, rather in a Taliban-like way, that they have all the answers then I do feel uncomfortable. I think that doesn’t necessarily do science a service.”

I do think this happily shows her ignorance to the world around her. Don’t you think?

Having recently lost her job (and is now suing them for sexual discrimination…. and wants her job back) it makes you wonder whether this is just her gagging for some press.

Hang on…. Doesn’t Stephen Hawking have a new book out?…..