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Today: The Booking

6 Oct

On Monday it will be exactly 10 months until I get married 🙂

After having a massive adreneline come down I have been a bit of a mess for a couple of days, but mainly because I get to now plan plan plan!! Guest list is pretty much done and we know what we want – including what cake! It’s now just a question of saving and paying and booking. EASY now that we have a venue!

Today I also joined the gym. And did a weigh in since I got my new scales from Argos.

Last weigh in was 81.3kg (yeah.. the nurse was shocked at this number as well because I don’t look like it) today I weighed in at 79.5kg 🙂 small steps! But now I have the gym membership, I can escape a few times a week and blast out my frustrations from work and everything. It also means I will start toning up quicker. Something I am sure everyone who is working out wants to see!!

So 10 months t0 go! Ideally 7 months to get in shape and I’m sure many more stressful blog posts to come!

I can’t wait 🙂


Today: The End of Week Five

29 Jan
Strength Training

Image by Rtist MrB via Flickr

AANNNNDDDDD I’ve not had a gain, or a loss again. It’s another Plateaued week which means I feel a bit rubbish really.

I normally weigh myself as soon as i’ve been to the loo the first time in the day. I would never remember to do it first thing in the morning so I figured me being desperate for a wee would remind me! The 165lbs that I have stayed at is not a bad target. I’m still above my predicted rate of loss, and my Fiance says I look smaller, and I must admit that I feel like it.

I’ve decided to now take my measurements once a month, to see if the sizes have actually gone down, I remember a few weeks ago taking my hip and waist measurements to calculate my rough body fat level, (waist/hips) of 0.74, I calculated it here, and then the actual percentage of 50% body fat. Apparently the ‘average percentage of USA women’ is 32%. I’m slightly confused by this but it’s something else to measure I guess.

I do have quite wide hips however, and I have just eaten lots of horrifically bad-for-you food, so i’m feeling the size of a beached whale. So I don’t think that I can pay much attention to it. O WELL. we will just have to see.

I’ve decided to try a new plan for the next few weeks, lots more strength training and a new running routine. I’ve found a running training thing online, which i’m incorporating with the plan my friend made for me – interval training– to get me to be able to run for 2miles without a rest, to then go on and train and make it to 5k. oooOOOOOoooooo…. go me?

The strength training will just involve the machines until I can lift no more, then move to the next one. I’ll do sit ups and squats too. I found some ideas in my Health and Fitness magazine which I will give a good crack at. I’m just going to be good at pushing myself, go to the gym 3-4 times a week instead of just twice, and I will try and push through my pain barriers, which is terribly difficult! Especially as my ankles decide to conk out if I run too hard – even with posh running shoes on.

My graphs will be up today as well, and If you like my progress, fancy sharing? OR sponsoring me here 🙂

Today: The Graduate Graveyard

18 Nov


I’m currently working in a place that has affectionately been named the ‘graduate graveyard’ – a call centre to all you unkowns. Nothing sends hope through my spine than the knowledge that a physics degree – an honours one at that, has ultimately left me with the same job prospects as my counterparts who left school at 16. Freakin’ brilliant.

It seems that the poor teaching and support i received from my head of sixth-form (that was Maths. and Mrs Neilson) whilst doing my A-levels, which led me to adding an extra year to my degree and an extra £6500 to my debt, the degree that should have led me pretty much directly into a high paying fully respected graduate position, pretty much regardless of degree classification, hasn’t happened, but is still being promised by every highly attention seeking ball-bag out there.

O BUT WAIT. It seems that the economic climate is so bad that it means the £28k i’ve invested on getting a promised future for myself means that i have to fill a ‘less-skilled’ void. I’m not speaking badly of any of my collegues, but my qualifications should really put me in a higher stead. However because I ONLY came out with a ‘good’ degree and not  a magical 3 million published paper PhD student, and i only have 220 UCAS points and not the desired 300… Sorry I didnt get wonderful A-levels, but I proved myself by getting a degree? Doesn’t that count for anything? (Name and Shame: MI5 EDF AVANTI most companies in the financial and engineering district…) I’m not even considered in the maybe pile. Tossers.

I don’t know who to blame here. The government? Myself? The idiotic twats who caused the recession and hence my unfortunate employment prospects? The fact is i’m now stuck, I mean it would help if i really knew what i wanted to do, I know I like the outreach stuff, but I never really liked the condescending and patronising nature of some of the companies I know. I would set my own company up, but I don’t know how I would get around the problems! Or what I would do… tutoring? mentoring? Encouraging more people to get into science? I suppose look where it got me! Not very inspirational is it.

I just don’t know what to do! May be a PGCE will bulk out my qualifications and help me with my research for an outreach company? Who knows. Perhaps i could just go into teaching altogether?

ARGH I just don’t know!!!

Today: Dear Jean-Louise

18 Sep

Dear Jean-Louise,

It’s been a while i know, and i can only apologise for what has been only a stalking and fleeting glance at your facebook page whenever you post something new. I would like to say thank you for this, as your Harry Potter status’s and the comments that follow do put a grand smile on my face, a rare sight these days.

I believe I should start with what I have done since shall we say January? I turned the old age of 22, managed to secure myself a man of grand standing (and younger age!) for life. The ring is gorgeous and as of August 2013 I will no longer be associated with the name ‘Parfitt‘ – on paper of course. You are of course invited (with an additional person of your choice) to the celebration, we’re planning an open bar!

I have graduated, averaging a suitable 55.5%, a 2:2 honors degree. I read Physics and Astronomy and my o my do I have no idea what to do with the rest of my life! The hunt for employment is long and hard over this side of the Atlantic, So hard I have had to start receiving job-seeking benefits to the sum of ~ £50 per week, a sum to tie me over and keep me occupied, however not one to provide for oneself! So I have moved back into my parents dwelling till such time as I can provide for myself, also, so that I may live with my toy-boy, who still has one remaining year left of his studying before he begins the pursuit of teaching.

I believe that brings us all upto date on the major events that have happened. I miss the Americas, I hope to come and visit again when the F1 turns up in Texas, or perhaps when I decide to actually visit LA.  No matter where I go however, you can rest assured that I will come and visit you for at least a couple of days.

Kind Love,

Miss H. Parfitt

Today: Expensive to Educate

26 Oct

I have just returned from an emergency meeting set by my students union, as a comittee member and society executive, i am constitutionally required to attend, so i potted along to have a listen to what Cardiff Students Union plans to do in spite of all the cuts that Higher Education is to face in the next few years.

I was expecting to listen to inspirational speeches about how the union will survive in these hard times, and how we’ll all have to tighten our belts – much the resolve of the UK population to date, but i was surprised as to what i read on the agenda, and heard from the floor.

Now without going into all the nitty gritty of the proposals, i’ll sum it up for everyone:

Cardiff University Students Union WILL be fighting aginst the rise in tuition fees, and the cuts to higher education

We heard many points from the floor, the risk of how the UK will become a heirachy system based on cost -and not education (comparable to the system implemented in the USA), how the union is going to put the points of view of their members across (lobying, protests, student council discussions, vice chancellor addresses) among other defying and quite impressive tasks.

One point that was brought up from the floor, was in support of the fee rises. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion so i’m going to say mine now: What he said was elitest, wrong and just plain ignorant.

How anybody can suggest that allowing universities to set the grade of their own tuition fees, and then comparing this fact to how ‘good’ their degrees are? Rubbish.

As was also pointed out, in comparison to the American universities, a Harvard education is just as good as any other education. Except because you have to fork out about $40k a year for your education there, it minimises the people applying, minimises the numbers and hence people seem to have 1 on 1 conversations with their lecturers – That’s all well and good, but surely someone who gets the same grade in a class of 200 as one in a class of 20 should be considered first?

Allowing universities to set themselves above the rest by having the higher fees is plain ridiculous. It won’t make them any better, and it sure won’t attract the students to join them.

A motion was rejected (well an ammendment within a motion) to say that we, as a student union, reject all fees, and campaign for zero tuition fees, and that we, as students should be paid to come to university (the latter, another point brought up by the floor) – Then general public already see us students as living off the system, if we start shouting for zero fees, surely we’ll be looking like spoilts brats? I’m willing to pay SOME fees, the university has to survive after all.

i’m against these rises because it will throw a huge amount of the coming generation into debt, causing them to save more, causing shops to not sell alot (see where i’m going with this?), causing a nother dip of a recession.

There is a compromise here. I’m sure of it. The government SHOULD and WILL hear the students voices, saying they’ll raise the fees and we can pay back after uni is all well and good when you’re on £250k a year (Mr Prime minister), and when they had state funded education at a high level – yes they had to pay upfront an amount of money, but nothing on the scale that I as a graduate next year will have to start paying off.

There is a protest march on November 10th for all students to protest against the rise in tuition fees.

We aren’t wanting to live off the state, we are trying to make a life for us to beable to NOT live off it. Please support our cause.