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Today: What a Day

10 Jan

So today, not only have I gone to work and got quite a bit done, I have phonecalls with potential photographers!

We currently have two, but will have to look on price. We have a quote from our flowers provider which is alot less than what we were expecting!

I also got a quote on a potential wedding car as well. Though I need to call them up tomorrow about that….

My running plan to go 222 miles in a year is underway, week one of the plan and I am 2.5 miles up. It’s also week 2 of my diet, and i’m 2lbs down on week one weigh in 🙂

So, the end result of the past couple of days is a positive one, and to brighten my day up more, the days are counting down till the first F1 test!


Today: Week one Tomorrow

25 Dec

So here we are about to venture into week one. I have weighted myself and I am at a weight of 174lbs, with a BMI of 28.1 – classed as the far end of the overweight spectrum.

Week one will comprise of me stressing about Christmas, going shopping at the boxing day sales and getting back in the flow of recording everything I eat, before returning to Cheltenham on the 28th to sign up to my local gym and start the massive exercise regime (thank you to my good friend Stephen who has written one previously for me… I’ll be using it again!) which I will post up in the exercise section later in the week.

Not really sure how I feel about this, i’m well up for it, I have just eaten a mahooooosive feast today as it’s Christmas so I feel like i’m going to be full for the next few days!

Plenty of meat now in the house so the first thing i’m cutting out is BREAD. I love bread so this is going to be SUPER hard. Pasta, crisps, high fatty foods and drinks (so no pizza, cider, beer, mocha’s from COSTA 😦 ) all completely cut out for the next month. Then easing them back in, but in MUCH smaller portions, who knows, I may even find an alternative to one of them that is healthier AND better for you…. But when I say you, I obviously mean me.

So wish me luck! I think I may go downstairs and sample some of the xmas biscuits before all this starts tomorrow. You’ll hear from me soon 🙂

Please visit the pages under the Sponsored Diet pages. There is this first blog, the link to my just giving page, and the first post in the weight tracker.

You can also sponsor me by texting “DIET59 £1” to 70070, it’s only £1 and it’s for a great cause!

Today: Charlie

12 Feb

As per the request of the aforementioned ‘Charlie’, I am going to write (show off and brag) about the new toy-boy in my life. Conveniently named Charlie.

Where to start?

The beginning i think.

Why am i writing about this?

Well, since my blog is called ‘I did that’, he found the thought highly amusing to just put ‘Charlie’. shocking. It is also the far too commercialized day of love on Monday – Valentines day.  A good time to introduce this current sweet heart of mine.

The good stuff

Charlie decided to pop into my life after a rather unfortunate day at uni, I may have blogged on here (but i don’t really remember) about a comment i heard from my supervisor about me not being organised enough for my project, blah blah blah. In a step of desperation i decided to get so drunk i could forget that day ever happened. So me and my friend Nat decided that we would get very. very. drunk. No shame was to be felt as we would most certainly do something stupid that night.

After our spell at the pub we decided to run to Cardiff Student Union, a tradition which has led to numerous grazes and bruised feet over the past year, At the union we did continue in our quest for drunken bliss. Which i happily reached somewhere about the Jaegerbomb number 2 mark (after the vodka’s, the shots, the pints….. ow).

Next thing i remember?

Waking up…..

*insert generic roll over thinking ‘o balls’ remark*

Charlie is a good friend of Nat’s, so we both rang her to find out what happened – nobody really knows…..

Moving on we brushed the week aside till we got to the Sexy santa party that happened the next week. Which resulted in (a less drunk version) of the week before….

Being that it was near Christmas, i figured i could ignore this entire situation and everything would fizzle out by January and nobody would be worse for wear.

Boy i was wrong.

Follow up texts, drunken christmas eve phone calls, New years conversations and an irritating feeling that i actually wished to see this guy again led to an early return to Cardiff. Charlie did the same and we decided to meet up.

Have seen each other everyday since. 🙂

And considering i got sprung by his parents today (no warning there…. i looked a STATE) I’m still pretty attached i think!

I’m also sat next to 12 beautiful Yellow roses which got delivered on friday

12 of the most beautiful roses ever

(for Valentines day…. better early than late!) so i think i’ll keep this toyboy going for a while yet.


He seems like a keeper 🙂