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Today: Formula One returns.

28 Mar

This weekend saw the second race weekend of the 2012 calender and what a couple of races it has been! Australia was full if drama right up until the flag, and Malaysia produced a surprise result that caught the entireity of Italy offguard.

A bonus for me as a Mark Webber fan is that he out-qualified Sebastian Vettel twice, and finished in the points both races, unlike the young double world champion, which after a season full of not being on the same playing field as his team mate, is a massive relief and makes this season even more exciting for me!

However the drama was nothing compared to what Felipe Massa is going through now, its now a case of ‘will he won’t he’ be racing for the entirity of the season, after finishing outside the points whilst Fernando Alonso took a surprising victory with a car that ferrari has admitted isn’t the best, and Sergio Perez of the ferrari young driver program took a second place in what was an epic battle for the line. Till he took a trip round the curb to add a few more seconds to the gap he had closed. This was after he got told to ‘be careful’ by his engineer, but we aren’t pointing any fingers at the young ferrari prodigy who drives for sauber who have ferrari engines. Nope…

It all kicked off with Sebastian Vettel and Narain Karthykaen (whose name I have spelt wrong… Sorry I’m on my phone!) When seb.decided to show an unfamiliar finger to the ‘young’ Indian driver, they then seemed to exchange insults via the media for the world to see. I can’t even remember the petty incident they are stropping about but for sure (I could be a formula one driver now) will this not be an easy thing to shake. Vettel has been called a bully, Narain has been branded a cry baby and neither of those is a good name to have. Personally I don’t really care what they call each other. As ling as they respect each other on the road. Yes that means moving out the way for the lapping car, but also not moaning if the slower car is in a fight for position. They should just cuddle and say that it was all heat of the moment, which it was.

I’m excited for China, if the current track of results is anything to go by then, for sure (driver in the making right here) it will be an awewome race.


Today: The weeks go by..

25 Mar


It has been an epic while since I have blogged, So i’ve decided to do a big blog to cover a few things. They are:

  1. The Sponsored diet

  2. My new job

  3. Plans for the next few months

  4. Recent activities

1. The Sponsored diet.

I had a massive relapse, I gained 5 lbs and I was embarrassed to report it, so I didn’t. So i’m swallowing my pride and I’m saying it. I’ve had a gain. I relapsed back to 11stone and 10 lbs, instead of 11 stone 5 lbs.

That is what I was when I last weighed in (a week ago) and I have been going to the gym alot and been lowering my calorie intake slowly, meaning I don’t need a very big lunch, even if I go to the gym after work!

I also tried a spin-class, which is torture on a bike, I thought I was doing ok, till I pretty much fell into another biker at the end of the session… bad times…

I got new running shoes! They have the Nike plus in them so running should be easier to track! I have only managed to use them once since getting them on Wednesday (It’s now Sunday) but I could tell they would stop me getting shin splits and that I would run properly instead of rolling my ankles inwards. My ankles hurt in a different place now, but it’s more of them getting used to the new position than shoving my metatarsals into my shin bone

So thank you everyone who has sponsored me. I have not stopped, my new shoes have given me the drive to carry on, and the fact that I am smaller size now (I can get into a size 10 jersey dress! – but really i’m a 12-14 thanks to my bum) means I am more motivated than ever!

2. My New Job

I analyse data about data, and manage how that data is produced and shown… and It’s even for a company people have heard of! I’m pretty chuffed and if they keep me after my 3 month probation I’ll be in my first ever Permanent position! Which isn’t just a win… it’s an #epicwin.

3. Plans for the next few months

Charlie and I are getting a flat!!! We’re going to be looking at them when he is on Easter break, and we’ll have a deposit down and one picked by the end hopefully!! Then we get to plough forward with the wedding plans, savings, his PGCE and me improving more at work.

I’ve got a week long holiday coming up in Woolercomb in August to look forward to as well. Can’t wait 🙂

4. Recent activities

I’ve had rough times to be honest, I fell off the diet bandwagon (not majorly, but enough to see a difference), and i’ve had to start counting down the days till Charlie and I move into a flat to give me something short term to look forward to.

I’ve also had good times come from rough times, I had some bad false comments made about me this week, but it bought out the good in people, standing up for me backing me up and making me feel like I’m respected in some way. Which is fantastic! The comments can never be removed, but the respect will also always be there – so a big thanks from me here.

I’m off to see Michael Mcintyre on Monday, and shopping for my ball dress (next friday) during the day, which means i’m with Charlie for a couple of days longer! Then it’s Easter break… and the flat hunting!!

I promise I will have more blogs to read over the coming weeks. If you want more then follow me on twitter! @harriparf.

(I also promise there will be some F1 stuff again on here soon… Mark Webber [om nom nom] is doing well! WOOP WOOP!)


Today: Motivation

10 Mar

(Photo credit: brianjmatis)”]clothes [761]I went shopping.

Something girls (and very hungover boys) are very good at doing, I spent my hard earned money on new clothes for work, and a couple of dresses for the summer, or nights out. Whichever comes first.

The catch? the new clothes for work are my size now. My other clothes are the size below what I am. Infact the new jeans I bought are 2 sizes smaller….

I will do this. I will get smaller! I will get into those jeans, and the dresses. Totally worth the £85. Totally. 🙂

Today: Tweeting Twerps

7 Mar
Sir Isaac Newton

Image via Wikipedia

We all know there are idiots out there trolling, making silly comments etc. But there really are some narrow minded people around!

Today I responded to someone who’s twitter account is @godslandgodslaw.

Before I continue i just want to say that I have no problem with people who are religious. No matter what religion, I just hope that everyone is tolerable of everyone elses beliefs, infact before I go on AGAIN I know religious people who are scientists, who research – in their eyes – controversial ideas, to either prove/disprove or explain what they are seeing. Whether it be intelligent design or not.

Back to this person. If anyone has had a glance at this persons twitter feed you will gather that he is very conservative. To a point where I feel offended by most of what he says, I wouldn’t be so offended if he even considered others opinions, and then argued his point using evidence or his beliefs.

He doesn’t take anybodies opinion into account. The tweet that I responded to said:

 @GodsLandGodsLaw: The Atheists couldn’t answer any of my questions so they just resorted to insulting me! TYPICAL! #iwin #tcot”

So just for you Keith, I will respond to some of your tweets. I will even try and be reasonable to your narrow-minded beliefs.

Question 1:  “Hey Atheists answer me THIS one – If we evolved from monkeys how come not all of us are black? #tcot #gop #teaparty #p2 #gaytheists”

Answer: Keith, although it is common consensus that we evolved from ‘monkeys’ We actually evolved from Ape-like creatures. However if we did evolve from monkeys as you say, how come not all of us are black? Next time yuo go to the zoo, have a look at the skin colour of a monkey, that’s the flat stuff covering his body UNDER the BLACK fur, you’ll find it is light in colour. Infact I would have a look on Wikipedia or somewhere like that, as i’m sure they have a variety of skin colour as well, depending on where they live.

Question 2: “If we’ve been around for billions of years, how is our population only 6 billion? 3 new people are born every second! LOL”

Answer: Keith, I understand how you may be confused here, if you think that over the past one billion years. And there are 3 people born every second. If we think that the population has always been a constant size, and dies at the same age, we can also assume that after 50 years, 3 people will DIE every 3 seconds as well as get born. The fact is that medicine has greatly improved in this vast timescale, (one billion, Keith, is  a 1 with 9 zeros after it, that’s 3 with 16 zeros after it seconds), and in early times, more babies died than lived. So there was a small stable population. Then it grew as medicine increased its effectiveness, and the populations stabalized when contraception was brought about. [Science friends, I am aware this is a massive generalisation, but I am aiming at a wide audience].

Question 3: “@Wytchfinder_Gen The earth is 6000 years old. You should check out recorded human history for the facts not atheist propagandists! LOL”

Answer: Keith, due to the laws of gravitation, which were derived by Sir Isaac Newton, who was a great scholar of theology as well as science, and the rules of Kepler have predicted a much older age for the Earth to form than 6000 years….. For a load of stones to make our Solar System, it would take more like millions – billions of years. But I agree, Human history is only recorded to a few thousand years….

Question 4:Abusive marriages wouldn’t happen if sluts weren’t so eager to get a quickie marriage. Every1 must realize Marriage is for life.”

Answer: Marriage is for life I agree, but if anyone (a woman or a man) has to endure abuse of either a physical mental or sexual nature, then it isn’t a sanctity worth respecting.

I think that’s enough for now, But Keith if you have any more questions for us ‘liberals’ then I’m around to ask.

I believe in free speech, free opinion, freedom to believe, freedom to love. I have people that may disagree with me but respect my opinion. I hope everyone who reads this agrees that there are limits to everyone’s tolerance… This guy is mine.

Today: End of Week 10

7 Mar

I seem to have become awesome at maintaining my weight. I can’t shift anything even though my diet/exercise hasn’t varied from previous weeks.

I’m rapidly losing motivation, so this post will be short, but will also be a cry for help.


How do you stay motivated? Are you like me in that you need people to notice to make it worth it? Are you doing a sponsored activity and lacking in sponsors?

I need help here.

My next couple of blogs will be off topic a bit from the diet, but that’s because there are ignorant people that need to be shamed, and the F1 season will be starting soon….